My Latest Release:

  • A dirty-talking, possessive, tortured hero.
  • A tenacious heroine learning to trust her own strength.
  • An age gap meets second chance romance.
  • The epic conclusion to The Sinful Empire Series.

Start At The Beginning:

  • A cunning, cutthroat Southern billionaire.
  • A smart and sassy heroine willing to risk it all for her family.
  • A relationship contract, second chance romance.
  • The debut installment of The Devil’s Due Series.

Coming Soon:

  • A brutal, calculating businessman with a dark past.
  • A guarded socialite trapped between duty and desire.
  • An enemies-to-lovers revenge romance.
  • The first volume of The Bourbon Dynasty Series.

“And Gabrielle, by the time I’m done, I’ll own your body and your soul.”
– J.D. Wilder, Depraved

“Here’s a little piece of advice for you, Princesa. Don’t poke monsters. Because we’ll devour you without a shred of mercy…”
– Antonio Huntsman, Greed

“Morality is never black and white – it’s gray and murky. Luring her into my game might not be right, but it’s righteous.”
– Jake McCaffery, Carnal Vengeance

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